Lotus racing car test Exige R-GT 2013

Lotus began testing a new racing version of the Exige S. Car under the name Lotus Exige R-GT is tested near Turin. This machine will take part in competitions WRC next year. In particular, the British sports car performance in Monte Carlo, San Remo and the Tour de Corse. Exige R-GT is equipped with the same "charged" V6 engine of 3.5 liters and 345 hp, and that the road version of the model. However, motor racing version has been adapted to the requirements of FIA GT. Changes were also gearbox. As the head of the racing division, Claudio Berro Lotus Group, work on the Exige R-GT began in July 2011 and he was not sure that the company will have time to prepare the car in time. However, Lotus had as base the new race car is modeled on that has not demanded the changes.

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