Renault/Dacia Logan 2013: Russian Site Shows Projection of Future Generation

Referring to the new generation of the Logan, Renault's chief designer Lawrence van den Acker, said he would be proud of him. In a survey indicated that the dealers in Europe are dissatisfied with the overly basic style of the current model, which repels potential customers. However, it was never secret. The first Logan came as an example of rational design, functional and technological. In the projection, two versions are shown by Russian site ZR, a version of Renault's Romanian Dacia and another. The new focus of the designers of Renault is a car that appears to be of a higher segment. According to rumors, the new Logan, codenamed X52, will be faster, have more style and more presence than its predecessor. The mechanical part should not undergo many changes. The platform designed for the Logan is very flexible and simple and should not be retired so early, with use in future models of the Romanian. Within five years, the brand Dacia will offer several new models and updated using this platform. Initially, between late 2012 and early 2013 with the new Logan, arriving a minivan, a utility and a still hatchback. In 2013 there will be a facelift of the Sandero hatchback, the SW launch of Logan and Logan Pick-Up. Then the "facelift" also come to the crossover Duster, which also give rise to a pickup truck version.

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