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The Ford F-150 will undergo a little refreshment in a few months when the year 2013 will be launched this model. The main changes concern the grille will be redesigned in the style of Super Duty. The bars are visible chrome. The headlights will also be reviewed.
An SVT Raptor also showed the tip of his nose, a little less change with such a grille that seems close to the current model, the large inscription "Ford" and less.
Note the logo on it 6.2L. Pickuptrucks hypothesizes that it is a sham and another mill Ecoboost Raptor incorporates the cover, I personally believe it. More likely, if new, the big V8 is improved. However, the classic F-150 will not change at this level, where at the margin, because its range of V6 and V8 date only the beginning of 2011.

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  1. I dont understand the reason for the camoflauge, there exactly the same truck with maybe a little different looking plastic in the front grille. I loved the 06,07 models with the simple open honeycomb grille with a ford emblem in the middle. Now its just more and more gaughty chrome bars, and now we have to add a ( ) around the bars to add more plastic chrome. I love the F150's my 2012 is a great truck. My first mod was removing the headrests and swapping in a black grille. But to each there on.


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