2012 Chevrolet Code 130R and Chevy Tru 140S Concepts video and live photos

Chevrolet has not finally presented its new Chevelle in Detroit, but two brand new originals Code 130R and Tru 140S which are aimed at a younger audience, less than 30 years, and known as "Millennials". Essentially targeted at 80 million American consumers who represent 40% of today's car market in America with buying power of over 1 trillion dollars.
The Millenials, after a survey made by Chevrolet, like the following from their cars:
Being a medium sized sedan with a coupe design and can carry 4 passengers in comfort
The interior has several storage rooms and internet connection via WiFi, head-up display and the mobile is compatible with Chevrolet MyLink
Mechanical would like to wear a 1.400ari Ecotec engine performance 150 hp with an average consumption of 5.9 l/100 km
And end up costing less than $ 20.000 (€ 15.700)
The Code 130R is a rear-wheel drive 4-seater coupe with aggressive design reminiscent of something from BMW 1-Series Coupe with the back to be quite similar to the Camaro.

The Tru 140S is a three-door four-seater coupe brostokinito car which is built on the platform of the Chevrolet Cruze and mechanical time a plug-in hybrid engine technology direct injection system Start / Stop.

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