Acura NSX Concept production in 2015 Detroit Live Photos

The Acura presented in the American metropolis the NSX Concept, the original one on which to base the new NSX, which will go into production in 2015. Stylistically it is simply a restricted version of the original Acura's Tony Start the movie The Avengers. The production car will be built by the research and development division of American Honda, will be manufactured at the factory in Ohio and from there exported around the world, even in Japan. Mechanical Japanese supercar once a V6 engine mounted in the center, which is made from lightweight materials and will use the hybrid system Honda, Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive). H Honda says nothing more about the engine, besides being VTEC direct injection technology. The gearbox will be an automatic double-clutch technology and incorporates an electric motor offering better acceleration numbers and lower consumption. Performance does not mention the Japanese, but rumors say the V6 engine has a capacity of 3.5-liter sending traffic to the rear axle, while there are two motors, one mounted at the front wheels, making the all-wheel drive. It delivers a total of 400 horses with 0-100 km / h to make them less than 5 seconds.

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