Chicago Auto Show 2012: Kia Track'ster Concept Live Photos

The Kia Soul has no racing version or does he need, but if the product planners were forced to take that course, this monster 250-hp four-wheel drive would be the ideal answer.

Designed as a simple exercise in style, Track'ster has been planted in the Chicago Auto Show to remind us what can the Kia design office in the United States when given leeway and budget as imaginary as commercial future of his latest creation.

As has been designed as a toy for the circuit, use the hollow Track'ster reserved in the Soul for the second row of seats as drawers for helmets, monkeys, driving gloves, tools and all the hardware tandera .

On the technical side, the 2.0 liter engine is controlled from a six-speed manual gearbox cortitas well, while its 19-inch wheels stop its rotation through new brake discs of 13.6-inch Brembo bitten four pistons.

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