Xiaolong XL2060L, the Chinese Hummer H1

The Chinese Xiaolong Automotive has prepared a "new" military car XL2060L, which is nothing else than the imitation of Chinese Hummer H1 of the American army. And you believe that only soldiers in China will be the ones to lead, you are mistaken as they will come out in the street version which will be presented to the Beijing in April. Its length is 5,137 meters, width 2250, height 1950 meters, 1450 meters track with weight 3.6 tons! Mechanical time a six-cylinder diesel engine Steyr 3.2-liter 183 horsepower performance with a top speed of 115 km / h. Consumes "only" 20 l/100 km and is naturally shielded. In China cost 1 million yuan, or close to 120,000 euros.

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