2016 New Mercedes-Benz SLC first pics and video

The SLK is changing name and preparing for the premiere in Frankfurt.

Simply changing the name is due to the new policy of Mercedes-Benz, that is immediately understood class of the model, in this case is similar to the C-Class.

As shown in the video with lightly camouflaged prototype, the body will receive some cosmetic changes, such as bumpers and new graphics into the luminaires will give a more aggressive look.

Mechanical parts, the new is the addition of ditourmpinou V6 of 3,0 lt in SLC 450 AMG Sport. This is the same set that is located under the bonnet C450 AMG Sport, which delivers 367 PS and 52,2 kgm and combined with the 7s automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC.

The rest of the range of engines will remain the same after renewed last April with improvements in SLK 200 (184 PS), SLK 300 (245 PS) and SLK 250 d (204 PS). H standard version gained a new 6-speed manual gearbox and the two largest 9tachyto automatic 9G-TRONIC, while the SLK 350 and 55 AMG added start-stop system and now meet the emissions standards EU6.

The order books of the SLC will open in December and deliveries will begin in March 2016.

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