New RX-7 in the platform of Mazda6

For the first time sources claim that a sports coupe with rotary engine not only outside of Mazda plans but instead has chosen the platform on which it is based.

From 2012 already one year ago that presented the latest generation of the Mazda6, the company had published the document «Mazda Technology 2012» which stated that it would present a sedan, a station wagon and "another" version would be based on the same architecture.

Three years later, adiefkrinisto third model is still unseen. While initially wanted to Information is a two-door version of the sedan, ultimately rather it is something completely different.

A source close to Mazda revealed that they are most likely referring to a model with a rotary engine, "If advanced, based on an enhanced version of the platform of Mazda6 but calibrated to accommodate the rear-wheel drive."

This contrasts with what we knew so far, that if they eventually get the green light will use the framework of the new MX-5.

In 2017, when he completed 50 years from the presentation of the first Mazda Motor Wankel, the Cosmo Sport, rumored will appear as a concept but will not go into production before 2020 when, coincidentally (?), The company from Hiroshima will celebrate a century of life.

A new Wankel 1,6 lt codenamed 16X was presented at the Salon in Tokyo in 2007 and attributed to air 300 PS version and 455 in turbocharged. He was considered as the successor of 13B Renesis who was initiating the RX-8 - but since missing the

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