Frankfurt 2015: Porsche Mission E concept 2016 live video and photos

Porsche wins so far impressions at Frankfurt fair by presenting the Mission E. An electric prototype that proves once again that if companies want to hide something, they can! The Mission E, based on a brand new platform that evolved around the electrical system concept.

The floor is made from aluminum, steel and CFRP, and what is striking is that the platform "exclude" the use of any other non-electric powertrain. In essence, we are talking about the original Pajun - the model that will be positioned opposite the Tesla Model S.

This, reinforced by the dimensions of the German concept. The Mission E, length 4.85 meters, width 1.99 meters and height 1.30 meters making the 165 mm at 60 mm wider and considerably wider than the Panamera. From the second generation of the Panamera are expected in 2016, derived several elements of the framework, including displaying.Porsche has revealed details of the powertrain of Mission E but said the combined power of the two motors -a for each axis; it is more than 600 horses. Given that the weight of the original by slightly more than 2,000 pounds, Porsche claims that the Mission E speeds up to 100 km / h from a standstill in just 3.5 seconds and up to 200 km / h in 12 seconds. And all this while promising autonomy of around 530 km. According to the German company, the concept uses a four-wheel drive system "on demand" with the front wheels are driven by the electric motor only during acceleration, the speed or driving on slippery road surfaces. Of course, the all-wheel drive system has a function torque vectoring.

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