The Volkswagen Golf 8 is coming in 2018

The VW's designers have delivered to the leaders of the company are two different designs, the high ranking to be the ones to decide which of the two will go in production. One proposal is more modern, with another to follow the classic VW's line, and so the decision has to get company executives are not easy. Mechanical will wear new 1.500arides gasoline engines and Volkswagen oil . The new four-cylinder engines, which will replace the existing 1.4 TSI and 1.6 TDI, using the existing architecture, but with increased piston stroke gasoline engine in order to increase the capacity and a reduced diameter in a diesel engine to reduce the capacity. You have the technology "cylinder-on-demand" to "close" the two inner cylinders when power requirements are reduced to reduce fuel consumption, direct injection and supercharged new generation. Let me add that these two engines will gain and little brother in the form of a three-cylinder 1000AP. The new engines will later be placed in dozens of models of the VW Group, such as the VW Polo, Tiguan, Audi A1, A3 and models of Seat and Skoda.

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